I.T. Services for Business


I.T. Services and Consulting

I.T. Services

  • -Unlimited local and offsite Data Backup for all servers and devices
  • -Installation, configuration and maintenance
    of servers, workstations, laptops, and tablets
    printers, scanners and all of your tech devices
  • -Hardware and software upgrades
  • -Troubleshooting support both on site and remotely
  • -Networking and security systems, antivirus
  • -Specialized in Microsoft systems and software
  • Consulting

    • -Laptops, workstation, server purchase assistance
    • -Printers, tablets, smartphones and more
    • -Cost cutting methods such as hosting, telephony, internet, cloud services
    • -Printers, tablets, smartphones and more
    • -VOIP systems, setups, services

    The OC Tech Difference

    Personalized Rate

    I sit down with my clients, take a look at their company's needs and then work out a simple monthly rate that is both fair and affordable for them. I'm here to save you money, not cost you extra with all sorts of fees.

    Full Service

    I do it all. Hardware, software, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, servers, cloud services. I handle everything. Consulting is included too. I'll help you save money on services and upgrades for your company.

    No Limits

    Sometimes a task just takes a little extra time and care to get it completed. Sometimes it's urgent and needs to be done immediately. My rates have no variations. I am here for you and will get the job right the first time.

    Protect your data
    Protect your business

      With unlimited offsite data backup protection included at no additional cost to all clients, I backup your livelyhood.

      I utilize multiple in house servers as well as my own offsite data backup servers and encrypt and maintain them 100% myself. No outsourcing it to Amazon, google, or any other company. It's my servers and tried and true industry standard encryption methods.

      Backups are run every night and are automatic and incremental, so if you need a file recovered that was modified a month or two ago, it can be retrieved from the backup archive. Never lose data again.

    Because you don't need an I.T. Department

      Most small businesses hire an internal I.T. department because they are following in the footsteps of big business. Those I.T. employees then struggle to fill their days with work that will save the business money or increase productivity. Many times they bring ideas to the table that don't have any relevant bottom line impact on your business. This is the I.T. trap and most I.T. departments and employees don't even realize this. They have their 40 hour work week and want to fill it. The last thing they'd tell you is that you don't need an in house I.T. staff.

      With service from The O.C. Tech, your costs will be much lower than an internal I.T. employee.

    The cloud is the limit

    I'm a text message, a phone call, an email, or a skype away. Ready for you anytime you need me.

    For small and simple issues, I can remotely support all of your systems right from my office. For bigger issues, I come on by your office (or home office) and work them out with you in person.

    Paying too much for your web host? How about for your phones or internet? How about for your electric bill? I've run my own businesses since 2001 and have a lot of business know-how and share that all with my clients.

    I'm happy to help you out wherever and whenever I can.

    I Am The OC Tech

    About Steve

    I'm a nuts and bolts guy when it comes to computers. Endless tinkering resulted in breaking my first computer back in 1994. Repairing it was my first success. This is my passion! My first major project was setting up a 15 computer IT lab for a charity halfway around the world. A few years later I started my first business and "officially" joined the IT industry.

    I've setup countless servers and workstations, laptops and tablets, phones and even point of sale cash register systems. Often my free time is filled with my own personal "on the side" computer projects.

    My customers pay a simple flat monthly rate with no surprises so that I can enjoy my work and take the proper amount of time to finish a project for you. I won't rush through it, cut corners, or miss the fine details.

    The end result is that I love my work. I love when I need to find a new solution to a new problem. I love the challenge and the reward of its accomplishment.

    Personal Info